Rude Science LIVE - New Wolsey Theatre

Rude Science LIVE

Performed on Wed 10 Apr

Rude Science

The artwork for 'Rude Science Live' that features a giant cartoon bum in the centre of the image, with red pants on and white text written on them that reads 'Enormous bottoms.' Around the centre are other smaller images, including a huge red fart machine, someone creating a flame thrower, and a glass jar with green liquid inside it, titled 'snot cocktails.'

Presented by Dave Mauchline Theatre Programming

The naughtiest, funniest, most revolting science show in the world.

Brace yourselves for TV Gastronaut Stefan Gates’ high-tech, high-explosive new family show, packed with stunts, spectacular experiments and bizarre props. Expect enormous bottoms, fart machines, urine-powered fireworks and vomiting mannequins – all designed to inspire young audiences with science.

90 minutes (including an interval)

Age 6+
Content warning: Loud bangs, audience participation, latex balloons, stage fog.

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