Richard Herring: Can I Have My Ball Back? - New Wolsey Theatre

Richard Herring: Can I Have My Ball Back?

Performed on Sat 22 Jun

Against an orange background is an image of Richard Herring dressed in smart clothing that includes a white shirt, black waistcoat and black tie. He is looking down precariously at a white ball that represents a testicle, which he holds in his right hand. Black, white and orange text across the image reads 'Avalon Presents - Richard Herring - Can I Have My Ball Back?'

In 2021 Richard Herring went to his GP to find out why his right ball seemed to be growing bigger. It turned out that he had testicular cancer and one month later he was lying in hospital waiting to have his murderous gonad removed. Would he survive?
(No spoilers!).

For a comedian who had done a whole show on male genitalia (Talking Cock) and written a book about toxic masculinity (The Problem With Men) this felt like some cruel trick of fate.

In his much-anticipated return to stand-up after six years, Richard talks bollocks and answers the question on everyone's lips: Is a severed gonad in a jar a fitting prize to bring in for Taskmaster?

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