I Had A Black Dog

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Presented By Small Nose Productions

'I Had a Black Dog...his name was depression.'

A darkly comedic and sensitive look at one man’s life with depression. Small Nose Productions bring you a moving and playful adaptation of Matthew Johnstone’s international bestseller “I had a black dog, his name was depression”.

Enjoy the simple telling of a love story. Boy meets a girl and they fall in love. But the boy doesn't come alone! There is a third party in the form of...a black dog who is always by Joe’s side, sometimes hiding in the corner, sometimes sleeping in their bed.

When the black dog firmly moves in with the couple for a long stretch the effects of its presence get bigger and bigger.
Can Joe tame the beast and keep the girl?

Audiences said: “I found myself laughing out loud and recognised a little thought that said: “You shouldn’t be laughing, this is serious, you’re being inappropriate!” (I told that voice to shut -up, ‘I’m enjoying myself’)

“It lightened, it played with our feelings of inclusion and exclusion…At times the humour tangibly united us.”

Age recommendation 13+

Reviews of I Had A Black Dog

What the public say

Brilliant and scarily realistic. I left in tears. Thank you.


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