End Cubicle

Showing on Sun 24 Oct
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In the Women’s toilets of every nightclub ever, there’s always a lass. She’s often alone. She’s often had a few too many, but not always. And you only have to catch her eye and you’ve got a best mate for life – even if you didn’t ask for one. You know as soon as a Toilet Lass asks to borrow your lip gloss, you’re in for a wild ride. End Cubicle is a love letter to every woman who’s ever met a toilet lass, took a selfie with a toilet lass, or been a toilet lass.

Suitable for ages 14+, contains strong language.
Trigger Warnings: References to domestic abuse, drinking, sexual harassment.

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Running time: 1 hours 15 minutes

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Sunday 24 Oct 2021

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