The Picture of Dorian Gray

On a dappled blue and white background is the blue-and-grey-scale image of a phone with a smashed screen. On the screen is a picture of a young man gazing towards the sky, a filter adding a crown of flowers to his head. The camera button on the phone is lit up in pink. Pink icons like love hearts, chat messages and buttons circle the phone and, underneath, in black writing are the words 'The Picture of Dorian Gray.'

Presented by the New Wolsey Theatre, the Lawrence Batley Theatre, the Barn Theatre, Theatr Clwyd and Oxford Playhouse.

Each of us has heaven and hell in them.

In a profile pic-obsessed, filter-fixated world where online and reality blur, influencer Dorian Gray makes a deal. For his social stardom never to fade. For the perfect self he broadcasts to the world to always remain. But as his mental health starts to decline, as corruption and murderous depravity start to creep into his world, the true and horrific cost of his deal will soon need to be met.

From the team behind the New York Times Critic’s Pick, five star “game-changer” (The Telegraph) online production of What a Carve Up! comes a brand-new adaptation that brings Oscar Wilde’s Faustian tale kicking and screaming into a world of Instagram, Facebook and dating apps.

The show will run online from Tue 16 – Wed 31 March and is on sale now. All performances will be captioned and Audio Description will be available on all shows from Tue 23 Mar.

Age guidance 16+

Content warning: The Picture of Dorian Gray includes extremely strong language and references to suicide and mental illness that some viewers may find upsetting.


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