#PULSE18 – A Million Tiny Glitches

Saturday 2nd June at 21:30 in the New Wolsey Theatre Bar

An electronic musical exploring grief as a modern, emotionally vivid experience.

Saturday 2nd June – 21:30

A Million Tiny Glitches (work in progress)

A Million Tiny Glitches is an electronic musical. It’s the story of two people who lose someone they love; a modern portrait of grief as a complex, emotionally vivid experience.

A Million Tiny Glitches has grown out of our personal experiences of grief over the last few years. We believe songs can hold emotion very directly, so we thought we’d make a musical that goes deep and feels modern; and that embraces sadness without being sombre. It’s musically influenced by artists like Bjork, ANOHNI, Nine Inch Nails and FKA Twigs; and narratively inspired by storytellers like Wim Wenders, Haruki Murakami and Jim Jarmusch.

A Million Tiny Glitches is in the first phase of development. The full production will use digital sound and animation to build a storyworld around the live performers. And yeah, there’ll be a band. So far, we’ve focused on developing the music styles and songs – and we’d like to share some of those songs with you at Pulse.

This is a free event and takes place upstairs in the New Wolsey Theatre Bar.

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