Jack & The Beanstalk

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Sponsored by Ipswich Building Society.

Dame Dolly Durden’s family farm has fallen on hard times - Squire Snuffbox is demanding the rent and Giant Blunderbore, with his wicked sidekick, Fleshcreep, is terrorising the land. There’s only one thing for it – Jack will have to sell their last remaining cow, Bessie. But when Jack comes back from the market with nothing more than a bag of beans it looks like the Durdens are done for.
Then up pops Fairy Aubergine, up jumps a gigantic beanstalk and Jack is soon on his way up too, battling giants, rescuing the family farm and romancing the Squire’s spirited daughter, Jill.

Brought to you by the famous New Wolsey company of multi-skilled actor musicians, it’s the best of pantomime mixed with the best songs from the classic rock and pop playlist, all played live before your eyes, including 'Hit The Road Jack,' 'Lady Marmalade,' 'Get Offa My Cloud,' 'Go Your Own Way' and many, many more. This glorious mash up of pantomime and pop concert is a festive treat for all the family. This year it’s GIANT size.

Friday performances at 9pm are recommended for audiences aged 12+
The one and only SINGALONG SPECIAL performance is on Friday 22 Jan 2021 at 9pm.

A £1 contribution to the refurbishment work will be included in all ticket prices for the next 12 months - click the link below for more information.

Please note: we would prefer that you choose to receive your tickets either by email or by picking them up from our Box Office on the day of the show, as we are not in the theatre at the moment and so are unable to post tickets out. However, if you would like your tickets delivered to you by post, it's not a problem - once we are back in the building, we will be sending them out to you. Please be patient with us until then. Thank you.

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