Seating & Price Bands

Our cosy 400 seat auditorium offers a clear view of the stage from all seats. However, depending on the style of production some seats offer a view that works better with the design of show or style of performance. We split our auditorium into four price bands to offer a range of prices based on where we feel the optimum viewing experience will be. Our ticket prices are subject to change as the theatre fills, by booking early you can sure to secure the best seats at the best price.

You often ask us why the front two rows of the theatre are such a bargain. The reason? We love having the front of the auditorium full for every show and we believe there should be accessible priced tickets for all.

To ensure the best experience for our audiences and actors some seats are not offered for sale until seats towards the front of the theatre are sold. If you have any specific access requirements please do contact a Ticket Sales Assistant.

If you want to see what the view will be like from our seats, why not explore the auditorium on our Google Tour.