A Bit Of Background

The New Wolsey Theatre is a registered charity.

This means we rely on a variety of incomes streams to continue our work such as part funding from the Arts Council, Suffolk County Council and Ipswich Borough Council as well as donations, individual giving and corporate support; all of which are invaluable.

We constantly strive to keep developing our theatre; by increasing our youth and community work, creating more accessible performances, nurturing new and emerging talent and creating an eclectic programme of productions year after year – but to do this we need your help.

20th Century Boy

20th Century Boy, 2011

Did you know the New Wolsey Theatre …

  • has sold nearly one million tickets since opening in 2001
  • has its own Creative Learning team dedicated to working with youth and the community
  • is one of the only theatres in the region that provides accessible performances for those that are deaf, deafened, hard of hearing, blind or partially sighted, through captioning, audio describing and BSL performances
Mods & Rox, 2012

Mods & Rox, 2012

The best way that you can support us is to buy tickets!

Come and see the work that we do and encourage the people you know to come along too, with such a variety of shows from musicals, drama and comedy there is always something for everyone.

There are also a variety of opportunities to show additional support and become more involved with the theatre, from joining our newly launched Friends Schemes and Individual Giving initiatives to our bespoke Business Services packages and in return we offer a variety of thank yous and benefits.

It is you who will make the difference and it will be your support that allows the theatre to be all it can possibly be!

Here is a taster of how your money through all of these schemes could help:

  • £10 could buy the sheriff’s hat for Panto
  • £100 could pay for Creative Learning to deliver a school workshop to approximately 30 young people
  • £1,000 could pay for two audio described accessible performances
  • £10,000 could pay for an entire Creative Learning school tour
I Was A Rat

I Was A Rat, 2013

Individual Support

Become Our Friend

Show your love for the theatre by joining one of our fabulous friend schemes from as little as £25 per year. We offer opportunities to meet the casts of our in house productions, access dress rehearsals, attend our press night events and much more. While you’re having all that fun you can rest in the knowledge that you are supporting your local theatre, enabling us to grow and continue our extensive community programme.

Become a Member today.

Current Supporters


Maggie Humphries, Theo Clarke, Izzy Lane, Unity Heath, Beryl Chaplin, Andrew Reavill, Jerry Heath, Liz Tilbrook, Elizabeth Arthey, Jean Roper

Best Friends

Melissa Tills, Cliff Prout, Keith Jones, Mr S Pettman, Tim and Elizabeth Edwards, Mr A Cook, Mrs E Waller, Brenda Bell, Samantha Painter, Helen Wilson, Susan McArdle, Ms S Schofield, Stephen Read, Mr R M Guest, Joyce Pettitt, Graeme Marsden, Mr & Mrs D Hall, Mr & Mrs Macey, Stuart Bradbrook, Hilary Gibbs, Delia Locksmith, Simon Thompson, Linda Price, Tracey Russell, Mark Smith, George Farley, Jane Osmanski, Brigitta Gwilliam, Susan Mawson, Francoise Behar, Mr A P Sadler, Mr P Mower, Cynthia Rushie, Mrs M Reddrop, Jo Miller, Helen Withers, Andrea Lamb, Ian Ward, Mrs L Sampson, Ms E Hunt, Mr T Smith, David Nicolson, Christine Knight, Elizabeth Stiff, Janet Gobey, Lillian-Marilyn Ashton, Pam Horley, Rumana Zuberi, Mr R Sutton, Mr G Panton, Alexandra Maher, Helen Treen, Wendy Fellgett, Mr A Chittock, Miss E Highton, The Childrens Theatre Company, Teressa Gordon-Jones, James Hayward, Mr P Eardley, Mrs and Mrs Geater, Mrs M R Harris, Mrs Bryan Knights, Mr Kim Smith, Ruth Coomber, Eric Thorndyke, Glenda Briggs, Mr D Dougan, Edna Prior, Mr B Griggs, Linda Austin, Christine Brindle, Sandra Coman, Jackie Plummer, Jacqueline Hines, Elizabeth Whitman, Eric Orme, Mrs C Westren, Mrs S Duerden, Mr R Luxmoore-Styles, Ann Aken, Connie Alcock, Patricia Guy, Ms C De Max, Merle Holbrooke, Mr & Mrs Nield, Nigel Chandler, Mrs T Read, Michael Ladbrooke, Lesley Ward, Miss M Roberts, Mrs Smith, Jill Cousens, Mrs P Hearn, Mrs L Baldwin, Pat Durrell, Colin Williams, Margaret Day, Mrs J V Gunnell, Gary Bunkell, Julie Evans, Mrs G MacGregor, Christine Allen, Peter Gunton, Miss S Haywood, Mrs M North, Mrs D Cutter, Mr W Bowman, Jill O’Malley, Miss J Mercer, Ms J Hill, John Sherwood, Mrs J Ball, Margaret Singleton, Ms Tracy Murphy, Mr Phil Smith, Mr & Mrs Nield, Mr Rex Ide, Mrs Anne Scurrell, Mr & Mrs Skinner, Mike Arbon, Mrs Anne Baker, Mr & Mrs Walker, Wilfred Arasaratnam, Wendy Mrs Atkins, David Knight, Mary-Rose Griffiths, Colin Jackson, Kate King, John Winlow, Robina Rose, Mrs C Harris, Simon Jackson, Grace Parcell, Pressi, Katharine Frary, Mr & Mrs B Alexander, Mark Usher, Ron Pennell, Dr Simon Dineen, Barry Smith, Mrs J Hunt, Fiona Kreamer, Mrs J Adams, Mrs D Brown, Mrs M Hollis, David Keeley, Jennifer Jones, Mr M Knight, Mrs L Durrant, Mr M Roberts, Mr G Southgate


Jacqui Cawkwell-East, Caroline Fiddy, Hayley Marsburg, Catherine Bury, Jennifer Shaw, Liza Stewart, Dawn Davey, Mr K E Joy, Caryn Skinner, Angela Dodds, Mr M Phelan, Glyn Smy, Mrs C M Gray, Mrs K Robinson, Mr R Allen, Mrs P Campbell, Anne Dodds, Eileen Richards, Robert Whiting, Heather Boyden, Jacqui Martin, Sue Stephens, Tessa West, Mrs D Nightingale, Pam White, Elaine Thom, Janet Gooda, Mr P Moss, Mrs M Allen, Mr C W Goldring, Muriel Moore-Smith, Maureen Grenfell, Anna Mathias, Miss D Thurkettle, Mr F David, Dr Robert Tate, Mrs S Richards, Dave White, Mrs S Duverne, Penelope Jones, Dr Susan Atkin, Dan Thomas, Tony Cooper, Mrs M Loach, Karen Fisk, Mr & Mrs R & D Norris, Mrs S Wilkes, Corinne Mayhew, Pam Dobson, Terry Dash, Ken Wright, Mrs L Barry, Mr R Hale, Helen Geaves, Mrs J R Gower, Mrs M Parker, Margaret Johns, Jackie Walker, Iain Maitland, Mrs T Excell, Mrs P D Wright, Noreen Finch, Mrs S Gould, Mrs H C Morley, Dawn Norris, Mr & Mrs Gough, Lesley Murrell, Mr Barry Shandley, Sally Bull, Sophie Watson, Lydia Davey, Alice Kitching, David Ovenden, Mr D Kaye, Lynne Dawson-Wake, Jane Anne Cryer, Adrian Dickerson, Mrs M A Bimpson, Louise Blum, Elizabeth Cochrane, Peter Willis, Janet Austin, June Jennings, Olivia Brown, William Knowles, Pat Palmer, Mrs S Wallace-Shaddad, Suzanne Steer, Christine Sargent, Mrs R Gardner, Kelvin Sole, Mrs R Morton, Polly Edmunds, Lesley Smith, Mr R A Radford, Anita Huckle, Lynda Keating, Mrs K McElhinney, Paul Sherman, Frank Stone, Jane Mitchell

Name a Seat

Do you or a loved one cherish the theatre and want to be a part of the heart of it? Or are you a company that wants to show support for your local theatre?

So far dozens of people have named a seat in our auditorium, either for themselves or as a special gift for an important person in their life- with inscriptions ranging from anonymous messages of support to ‘in memoriam’ messages for their loved ones.

As a not for profit charity all money raised from the campaign will be put back into the theatre to keep it moving forward: to keep it developing and being able to create an eclectic programme of innovative and exciting work. It will also support our Access performances for our disabled customers as well as our community and youth work within the local and surrounding area to keep the theatre accessible to as many people as possible!

For a minimum donation of £250 with various payment options the lasting memory of a loved one can remain a part of the theatre forever.

Download this Name a Seat form to get started.


Our Funders

Core Funders

The New Wolsey Theatre  would like to thank our core funders for their on-going investment and support in enabling the New Wolsey Theatre’s continued economic, cultural and communal contribution to the region: Arts Council England, Suffolk County Council and Ipswich Borough Council.




We would like to thank our current sponsors who all support us on a number of different levels across the wide range of work we undertake. Our sponsorships are tailored to meet your business needs but with a focus on supporting new theatre, nurturing new talent and allowing us to remain one of the most accessible theatre in the country.

To learn more about our sponsorship opportunities please call 01473 295915 or relationships@wolseytheatre.co.uk for further information.


The logo for Larking Gowen.


Find out more about Larking Gowen from their website here.


Find out more about Barnes Construction from their website here.



Find out more about St Joseph’s College from their website here.


The logo for Castons.


Find out more about Castons from their website here.

Corporate Partners

The New Wolsey Theatre strives to be at the heart of the local community and a Corporate Partnership provides an exciting way for businesses to highlight their recognition of the New Wolsey Theatre’s community work. Through a variety of innovative brand enhancement opportunities, your business can work in partnership with us to help raise your profile whilst reaffirming your dedication to supporting our region.

Please contact 01473 295902 or relationship@wolseytheatre.co.uk for further information.


Media Partners


Project Funding

The New Wolsey Theatre would like to thank those who have contributed funding towards particular projects and initiatives, as follows:

Current projects include: 

The Bradbury Platform: Bradbury Foundation

A platform especially designed for us to add more wheelchair accessible spaces in the first two rows of the main auditorium, creating more access to the theatre for everyone and ticket subsidy to support new audiences to use this facility

Capital Project 2016

Building Improvements.


Agent for Change

Roles in our workforce dedicated to developing D/deaf and disabled audiences

Youth Theatre Squared

A Youth theatre group for young people with additional needs.

Alfie Strange primary Schools Tour

The Scarfe Charitable Trust, The Ganzoni, Charitable Trust, The Steel Charitable Trust