Environmental Policy

The New Wolsey Theatre is a 400 seat producing theatre in Ipswich, Suffolk. We have been owned and operated by the New Wolsey Theatre Company since a major refurbishment in 2001. We are committed to understanding how our work impacts the environment in order to develop achievable actions to increase sustainable and ethical practice across all our activities.

Our five key priorities are:

1. The buildings we work in
We will continue maintaining and improving the fabric of our buildings

2. The utilities we use
We will set targets to reduce utility consumption and carbon emissions and keep up monthly monitoring of consumption data to identify opportunities for further savings

3. What we buy / what we throw away
We will set targets relating to procurement and waste management to increase purchasing from local, sustainable sources and optimise every opportunity for recycling

4. Shared responsibility
We will ensure that all members of the team understand our environmental priorities and contribute to achieving our aims

5. Inspiring our audiences
We will create opportunities for audiences to practically contribute to our environmental goals and advertise our achievements to them

Our baseline carbon footprint is for 2012/13 and has been estimated at 206.5tCO2e. We have since reduced our footprint by 4.8%to 196.6tCO2e in 2014/15 and are looking ahead to achieve 10% reductions by 2016/17. To reach this target, we intend to:

We will review this policy twice a year and continuously assess progress towards our action plan, taking measures to ensure targets are met where possible, or updating them where necessary.

Suffolk Carbon Charter - Silver Award Winner
Suffolk Carbon Charter – Silver Award Winner