Up, Up, Up and Away: Setting up the BSL Interpretation on Zoom

6 Aug 2020 Information


As you may already know, the show of Up, Up, Up and Away on August 7th at 13:30 will have an optional BSL interpreter, who will be there throughout the show. If you wish to see the interpreter, then you just need to follow these simple instructions after having joined the meeting. If you are not using the BSL interpreter, please ignore these instructions. The interpreter will not affect your show.


  • Join the meeting as per instructions in the emails sent to you.
  • Once in the meeting, go into gallery view, and look for the screen named ‘BSL INTERPRETED’. Click on the 3 dots at the top right of this mini screen and select ‘Pin’. The whole show will then be streamed through this screen, with the BSL interpreter overlayed on top.
  • At a couple of points in the show, the host will share a video, which will take you away from the pinned ‘BSL INTERPRETED’ screen. At this point, the interpreter will let you know, and we will hold up a sign. When the screen is being shared, all you need to do is find the side tab with the interpreter in it, and pin her video – it will be marked ‘SANDY’.
  • When the screen share finishes, we will give you a moment to re-pin the ‘BSL INTERPRETED’ screen which will take you back to the show.
  • Don’t worry if this is confusing, we will give you instructions during the show, and provide time for you to find the right screens.
  • If you are struggling to set things up, please use the chat function to message ‘SUPER STORIES’ and we will be able to assist. Please also feel free to get in touch with us before or after the show at superstories@cityactors.co.uk


Enjoy the show!