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Tasha’s Blog 7 – ‘Live life in luxury, that’s what it’s for…’ (Ballad of Easy Life)

Hello Birmingham!  That’s right, this week the ‘Threepenny Opera’ gang landed at the newly refurbished Birmingham Repertory Theatre and, truth be told, it looks fabulous!  It was wonderful to see that the theatre had completely embraced the essence of the show, decking out the front of house areas with ‘money trees’ upon which audience members could attach ‘leaves’ that represent things that are important to them, plus mini placards where they could write their own slogans.  Also, we were given another hugely warm welcome from the Rep team, complete with a glorious feed at the Press Night party on Thursday evening and a lovely ‘Company Lunch’ on Friday afternoon.

So, following three much anticipated days off, the gang were reunited on Wednesday to commence the third technical rehearsal of the run.  With the auditorium and stage at The Rep being so vast it took some adjusting but we soon acclimatised ourselves and had the show looking and sounding pretty sharp!  This was not, however, without our fair share of hilarity along the way…beginning with TJ (Walt) maintaining his theme of destroying his props within seconds of having them in his possession…the latest victim being his Faberge Egg!  He was later the subject of naughty Stephen’s (Ned’s) attention when he found himself suspiciously handcuffed to the scaffolding set piece!

It must have been a full moon on ‘Tech Wednesday’ as Will (Tiger Brown) and Dani (Team Wardrobe) found themselves ‘negotiating vertical’ as they simultaneously fell over the harpsichord in the stage left wing…meanwhile, Amelia (Jenny) managed to brutally ‘attack’ Ben’s (Jake’s) manhood with a prop newspaper…ouch!  The rehearsal was rounded off nicely by John (Narrator) referring to the ‘Threepenny Curtain call’ as the ‘Threepenny Curtain Company’…well that would put an interesting alternative spin on the show!!  I am pleased to announce that he did manage to redeem himself with his Grammy Award Winning compositional gem, ‘Bunkerland’!!

By the time Thursday night rolled around, it was time for Press Night and we banged out a particularly stonking show (special mention to Sophie (Dolly) for her magical rendition of ‘Mack The Knife Reprise’) and we certainly celebrated in style!  The Rep put on a fab ‘do’ and then it was on to ‘Eighties-Tastic’ Reflex for a spot of cheesy frivolity!  Somewhere along the way Stephen acquired a gigantic bunch of blue helium balloons which he managed to parade down Broad Street in the early hours while Moby (CSM) turned his hand to a spot of breakdancing…so many hidden talents in this company!

This week seemed to sail along relatively calamity free…but then, it was only three days long!  Friday evening, however, was clearly the night for it as Victoria (Mrs Peachum) managed to lose her shoe prior to the ‘Ballad of Sexual Imperative Reprise’ resulting in her performing the whole thing barefoot.  This was then followed by me (Lucy) making a dramatic dash to play my one note on the triangle, only to miss it completely…klutz!

Saturday saw us celebrating another cast birthday (once Garry (Mr Peachum), Stacey (Nellie), Pickles (Matt) & Stephen had returned from a Bovril filled afternoon of Birmingham vs Bournemouth FC), that’s right, this week it was the lovely Joe (Bob).  So in true ‘Threepenny’ style, super-baker Drew (Team Sound) created a Battenberg-esque masterpiece and card and cake were beautifully presented to the birthday boy by the gorgeous Stephen who was appropriately dressed as ‘Pirate Jenny’ in full make up, hair extensions (blond and brunette) and a purple bra…this was also in aid of his ‘drag selfie’ to support Breast Cancer Awareness.  So, following that evening’s show we all piled into the Jazz Bar down the road for some live music and were joined by the lovely company of Graeae’s next show, ‘Belonging’, which will also feature our Milton (Macheath) and Jude (sign interpreter), who also came to support us on Press Night earlier in the week.  Wonderful to see the two casts bonding so nicely!!!

Well that’s it from me for this week…but I will leave you with one top tip…if you are ever moving house make sure to recruit the help of Rosie (ASM) who meticulously bubble wrapped everything to safely transport between venues…including the company tea towels!!  See you next week…Bye!!

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Natasha Lewis…aka…Lucy Brown.