Episode 7: Pete Hazelwood and Jake Barinov talk to us about livestreaming, their roles in our last rock ‘n’ roll pantomime, and how they helped us win ‘Best Digital Pantomime’ at this year’s UK Pantomime Association Awards!

20 May 2022

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In this episode we talk to Pete Hazelwood and Jake Barinov about livestreaming, the huge amount of hard work they put into making Jack and the Beanstalk – an incredible experience not only in the auditorium but for people watching at home too – and how it feels to have played such a big part in our recent Best Digital Pantomime Award win at this year’s UK Pantomime Association awards ceremony.

They tell us how they came to know each other, before they really got to know each other during some 80 hour weeks throughout our last rock ‘n’ roll pantomime, Jack and the Beanstalk.

They talk about their passion for creating the best work they possibly can, and paying attention to the small details that audience members might not even notice during a show! It’s this dedication that helped us to win the Best Digital Pantomime Award this year, and they chat to us about how it feels to be recognised for the blood, sweat and tears they put into creating large parts of that show.

Listen out for some hilarious ‘Easter eggs’ that you may have missed whilst watching the pantomime, as well as some really interesting ideas Jake has for theatre experiences in the future…

Thank you to Pete and Jake for giving us their time (our longest episode so far this series!) to record such an interesting podcast! If you’d like to check out some more of the work that Pete does with another colleague, visit their Warehouse Digital website or give them a follow on Instagram.

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