Episode 6: Sarah Holmes, Chief Executive of the New Wolsey, reflects on more than 22 incredible years at the helm!

19 May 2022

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In this episode we sit down with our outgoing Chief Executive, Sarah Holmes, to chat about her incredible 22 years in charge at the New Wolsey Theatre.

Sarah chats about why she’s made the decision to leave now, after steering the theatre through the pandemic, as well as talking a little bit about Doug Rintoul, the incoming Chief Executive, how she knows him, and how she knows we’re in good hands going forward.

Sarah also talks about her journey through her 22 years of leadership, as well as how it almost didn’t start at all! She lets us into the challenges of taking over a theatre that had seemingly closed its doors for good, and how she helped it find its place back at the heart of the Ipswich community.

Ramps on the Moon has been just one of the major successes of Sarah’s time at the New Wolsey, and she talks a bit more in detail about that and about the next phase of its journey.

Sarah gives us some interesting stories about things that have gone wrong, or ‘not as planned’ (as she puts it) as well as what’s in store for her in the future.

A huge thank you to Sarah for giving us the time for this amazing look back at an incredible period of time for the New Wolsey Theatre.

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