Episode 21: Ramps on the Moon – Michèle Taylor MBE talks inclusion in theatre

10 Nov 2022

In this podcast episode we talk to  Michèle Taylor MBE, Director for Change from Ramps on the Moon, about accessibility, inclusion, and elevating the presence of deaf and disabled people within the centre of the work in theatres.

Whether it's backstage, on-stage or front of house, Michèle  talks about the theatre industry still having a long way to go before it's fully accessible to everyone, everywhere.

Michèle talks about her work as  Director for  Change with Ramps on the Moon,  what that role means and  her involvement with Agents for Change across different theatres.

We talk about changing minds of those who perhaps are worried about finding things like captioning distracting, and how they can actually be a great inclusion for everyone and not just people who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Michèle talks us through the differences between the social model of disability and the physical model of disability and how we can use the first to make sure that everyone is represented and accommodated for.

A huge thank you to Michèle for recording this episode with us, and we can't wait to record more episodes with her in the future!

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