Episode 18: Chatting to the Director and Cast of ‘The Lies You Tell’ all about their show!

29 Sep 2022


In episode 18 of the New Wolsey Theatre Podcast, we caught the brilliant director and cast of touring show The Lies You Tell on their lunch break for a quick chat about who they are, what the show is about, and the impact of taking theatre into schools!

This is a brand-newjoyfulmusic-filled play by award-winning writer Yolanda Mercy, commissioned by Suffolk County Council to support young people in understanding and prioritising their mental wellbeing after the last two years. It is presented by Theatre Royal Bury St Edmunds, the New Wolsey Theatre and HighTide.

T has moved from the city, making a fresh start. He’s not ashamed of his mum, but he’s not sure the other kids will understand. It’s OK not to tell everyone the truth about everything, isn’t it?

We talk about their theatre beginnings, featuring a hilarious story from Richard about his school crush, how they relate to the story of ‘T’ and the other characters in The Lies You Tell, and the effect on children that the story has, from what they’ve seen in the first leg of their tour.

The first leg was across Bury St. Edmunds, with the second being across Ipswich and the surrounding area. We spoke about what they all got up to over their summer break, how easy or difficult it is to pick the story and script back up after a hiatus, and what techniques they use to engage a more difficult audience in a school.

A huge thank you to NathanAfuaJordan and Richard for recording this great episode with us!

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