Episode 1: Doctor Theatre – The mysterious medic of theatre

11 May 2021

Who is Doctor Theatre and how does this mysterious medic seem to cure practically anything inside a theatre? Does Doctor Theatre really exist and what does he or she actually do?

In this first episode of the Theatre Unwrapped podcast, Sue Lawther-Brown is joined in Dressing Room 3 at the New Wolsey Theatre with guests, actor Rob Jarvis and Dr. Raj Persaud.

Rob Jarvis talks about the occasion when he first heard Doctor Theatre at the Everyman Theatre in Liverpool.  Rob gives examples of Doctor Theatre at work, including his experiences of getting through a show with chicken pox and after being hit by a car.  Rob also talks to Sue more broadly about the power of theatre and the transformational effect it can have on young people.

Dr. Raj Persaud discusses Doctor Theatre from a psychological and medical perspective, giving examples of how theatre triggers many deep-rooted psychological reactions.  Dr. Raj also talks about how theatre can have a healing effect, how he treats stars with crippling stage fright, and how the impact of Covid-19 has been so terrible for people’s mental health, which he writes about in The Mental Vaccine for Covid-19: Coping With Corona – A Guide To Pandemic Psychology.

Theatre Unwrapped would like to thank guests Rob Jarvis and Dr. Raj Persaud for their fascinating contributions.

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Host: Sue Lawther-Brown

Guest 1:  Actor Rob Jarvis (‘Robbie’)

Guest 2: Doctor Raj Persaud

The New Wolsey Theatre is supported by Arts Council England, Suffolk County Council and Ipswich Borough Council.


Download the transcript for this episode here.