Zidane of the Ends

Performed on Sat 23 Oct

Part of HighTide's Inventing The Future Festival’ a festival of live play readings and activities. For more information on the festival please click the link below.

"Everyone and their nan wants to be a baller, what makes you think you're gonna make it bruv?"

They used to compare 19-year-old Aadam El Djezairi to Zizou on the concrete pitches of Cally Road, now he's just another academy drop out let go by a premier league club.

His former mentor, Malikah gets a placement as the assistant coach for non-league outfit, South Quay FC and convinces Aadam to trial for the club under the watchful eye of their no-nonsense head coach Connor. Will this cold, wet day in South East London prove to be the ultimate litmus test for Aadam? If he shines, the scouts could come calling again. One last chance to escape the ends. One last chance to 'make it' and ease the pressure on the family. One last chance to prove everyone wrong.

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