Wolsey Writers – Spring 18

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Wolsey Writers – Spring 2018

‘You can make anything by writing.’

Have you got a story to tell? A touch of the poet? Are plays your scene? Or do you struggle to find your voice? Wolsey Writers is a creative writing group which meets backstage at New Wolsey Theatre. It offers space to let your imagination work, tips on how to improve, and encouragement to help you achieve your goals. Whether you’re new to creative writing or looking to stretch yourself, this workshop will support and inspire you.

‘It was brilliant – I can’t remember a better writing class.’
‘Humble, informative and inspirational – that is surely the success and key to Wolsey Writers.’
‘Coming at a time when I’m trying to write my first novel, these sessions have been invaluable.’

Wolsey Writers is facilitated by award-winning author, Katie Ward. Her debut novel, Girl Reading, was critically acclaimed on both sides of the Atlantic. @katiewardwriter, #WolseyWriters, or facebook/katiewardwriter.

10 March – What’s Your Poison?
Bond was fussy about martinis; Gatsby liked to stay sober; and Alice obeyed a label that said DRINK ME. Inspired by your favourite tipple, we will focus on descriptions.

17 March – Political Speeches
‘I have a dream…’ ‘We shall fight on the beaches…’ ‘The lady’s not for turning…’ How do you write a speech that can change the world?

24 March – Dialogue
Dialogue is everywhere in fiction, yet it is notoriously difficult to write well. We consider what great dialogue sounds like and how it works.

7 April – Time Travel
Have you been a victim of the butterfly effect? Do you know your TARDIS from your DeLorean? We explore the quirks, tropes, and paradoxes of time travel.

14 April – Ekphrasis
Ekphrasis is when one work of art is inspired by another in a different form. This week we experiment with creative writing from music.

21 April – Prison Letters
We explore epistolary novels and letter writing as a storytelling device.

Saturdays, 10am – 12 noon. Meet at Ticket Desk.
£14.50 per workshop, or book all six in advance for £75.
Tea & coffee provided.

Suitable for writers aged 18+.
There is no workshop on Easter bank holiday weekend.

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