Wolsey Writers – Autumn 17

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“You can make anything by writing.”

Have you got a story to tell? A touch of the poet? Are plays your scene? Or do you struggle to find your voice?

Wolsey Writers is a creative writing group which meets backstage at New Wolsey Theatre. It offers space to let your imagination work, tips on how to improve and encouragement to help you achieve your goals. Whether you’re new to creative writing – or looking to stretch yourself – this workshop will support and inspire you.

Autumn 2017 – DIVE IN

This term we’re running a series of ten workshops, 14 October – 16 December, designed to unlock your imagination. The focus will be on originality, experimentation and, most important of all, enjoying the creative process.

This flexible programme of work could be useful if you’re unsure how to begin project, or stuck in a rut and looking for a new angle. Let’s see what happens when you take a breath and dive in.

14 Oct – Brevity
Could you write a story in 50 words or less? What do you do when your wordcount runs too long? Get ready to be ruthless.

21 Oct – Spoiler Alert
From “I am your father” to “They all did it” … What makes a great plot-twist? And how do you write one?

28 Oct – It’s Alive! (Halloween)
Creatures that come back from the dead. Objects with a life of their own. If it can think for itself, does it have a soul?

4 Nov – Inkblot Test
No context. No clues. No wrong answers. Inspired by the Rorschach test, this is a chance to write what you see.

11 Nov – Children and Animals (Armistice Day)
Fiction can go where the historical record cannot. But how can we tell hidden stories of war, and still be accurate?

18 Nov – What’s in a Name?
Does it matter what you call your characters? What do their names reveal about them? How can you find one that fits?

25 Nov – Eyewitness
Reports rich in detail – or an unreliable point of view? We explore first-hand accounts, credible witnesses, and memory.

2 Dec – Work in Progress
If you’ve got a WiP and would like some support, please email a 1000-word extract for group feedback by Fri 24 Nov.

9 Dec – The End is Nigh
If Armageddon was coming, what decisions would you make? A workshop inspired by “choose your own adventure” books.

16 Dec – Secret Santa
Your chance to inspire someone else! Please bring a present for another writer, such as a picture, poem, article or extract.

Facilitated by award-winning author, Katie Ward. Her novel ‘Girl Reading’ was critically acclaimed on both sides of the Atlantic. Tweet @katiewardwriter, #WolseyWriters, and facebook/katiewardwriter. New members are welcome throughout term.

Saturdays, 10am – 12 noon. Meet at the Ticket Desk. £14.50 per workshop.

Dive In: £125 for ten workshops, 14 October – 16 December
Tea & coffee provided.
Tickets 01473 295900 or www.wolseytheatre.co.uk

“It was brilliant – I can't remember a better writing class.”

“Humble, informative and inspirational – that is surely the success and key to Wolsey Writers.”

“Coming at a time when I'm trying to write my first novel, these sessions have been invaluable.”

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Saturday 02 Dec 2017

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