Where is Home?

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Presented by State Of Emergency

Where do you come from? Where are you heading? Where is home?

Soweto, late 80s. A young man struggles against the security forces, confronts tribal tensions and deals with the death of his own mother. He falls in love with a girl from the wrong neighbourhood and together they decide to run away from home and everything they have ever known... A new twist on a 1000 year old fable, presenting great music and dance from South Africa, mixed with urban culture from London and Los Angeles.

Where Is Home? is a dance theatre show that explores and investigates themes of global human migration and displacement.

Across the globe, from the dawn of civilization, migration has been a definitive and enduring feature of humanity. All humans in every social formation and society have recent or distant ancestors who trekked, wandered, or journeyed to new locations as a result of cataclysmic crisis or external demands that compelled relocation for survival and success.

Where Is Home? is a family show with a universal story.

Reviews of Where is Home?

What the press say

From start to finish the piece astounds with its frankly terrifying energy and intensity

Hannah Simpson, Oxford Theatre Review

...Marshall’s excitingly layered, infectious music remains a sensory pleasure.

Donald Hutera, The Times

What the public say

"It was amazing! I loved it so much. Being from Zimbabwe I was able to relate to the music and storyline. I really enjoyed it. Hell yes!"

Charmaine Zinyemba

"Excellent and hardworking crew. Impressive performance. You all have a bigger and brighter future. Good luck for more upcoming shows."

Shubham Vitkar

“Fantastic. Life affirming. Light and dark. Fabulously talented. State of Emergency always produce quality shows - so high.”

Edson Burton

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