When I Grow Up

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Presented by the New Wolsey Theatre.

Charlie (who’s a boy) feels like he has to make choices all the time, what to watch, what to wear, when to get up, what does he want to eat… and he hates it. Charlie would really rather let his Mum or Dad make all his decisions for him.

Charlie (who’s a girl) who loves making decisions, so much so that she really likes making them for everyone around her. So when they’re both asked at school to think about what job’s they might like to do in the future Charlie (who’s a boy) goes into a flat spin, and Charlie (who’s a girl) knows exactly what to do! Or does she?

This original production is based on the experience of children at Key Stage 2 from across the region, devised from workshops held in schools, interviews with pupils and staff, and with advice from Suffolk County Council’s Partnership Advisory service.

For ages 9 to 11.

We are also touring this show to schools. If your school would like to make a booking please contact Marcus Neal on 01473 295930 or e-mail mneal@wolseytheatre.co.uk

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This is beautifully written and enthusiastically performed by extremely talented actors. I was thoroughly impressed and surprised by quality of the content which was engaging and thought provoking for teachers and children alike!

Rob parker

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