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When I Grow Up?

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Presented by The New Wolsey Theatre
Directed by Rob Salmon

Two stories about choices made with children from Suffolk Schools.

This is the story of how Charlie (who’s a boy) decides what he wants to do when he grows up – it’s epic! It also contains moderate violence and mild peril, and scary scenes for those under the age of about… four?

This is also the story of how Charlie (who’s a girl) decides what she wants to do when she grows up – it’s mega and completely cool! It doesn’t contain any violence, but there is a bit of a love story.

When I Grow Up? is not just about choosing a job, it’s about working out what you’re good at and a little bit more about the kind of person you want to be. So if you’re 8 to 10 years old it’s the perfect show for you, you might even want to bring your adults along in case they want a reminder!

‘My mind exploded with ideas!!!’
Alfie age 9 Ixworth

‘A wonderful experience which I would recommend to other schools.’
Teacher age withheld Capel St Mary

Suitable for ages 8 to 10.

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