Wave - New Wolsey Theatre


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Presented by Nottingham Playhouse

A vibrant multi-sensory play for young people with profound and multiple learning disabilities (PMLD). Wave is the follow up to White Peacock.

Performed for small audiences in a purpose-built theatre, and featuring live music, singing and digital projection, this play offers a unique experience rich in action, colour, sound, touch and emotion. Inspired by Shakespeare’s The Tempest, Wave explores the relationship between a parent and their offspring as they reach adulthood and leave home.

This production is suitable for teenagers and adults with profound learning disabilities, including autism.

SCHOOLS / Performances for schools are available on from Mon 15 to Thu 19 March during the day. If you would like to book a school group into these dates, please contact Elise Golbourn on 01473 295902 or groups@wolseytheatre.co.uk

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