Under The Arabian Sky - New Wolsey Theatre

Under The Arabian Sky

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Zahara Belly Dance presents A Magical Middle Eastern Dance Show.

Once there was a land of camels, of silks, of fabulously wealthy palaces, Sultans and princes, Grand Viziers, guards with turbans and gleaming, polished scimitars, where women were scented, had kohl under their eyes and lounged on cushions or danced.

Most importantly there was magic. There were snake charmers, flying carpets, angry djinns and helpful genies stuck in bottles and lanterns, who would do the will of their masters. There were palaces that could appear and disappear in a trice, or be transported across vast deserts to another place, leaving just an empty space where they once were.

Here the storytellers wove their magic to beguile all who listened and watched, as one tale after another unfolded.

A magical dance show suitable for all the family to enjoy.

This is a community production presented as part of the New Wolsey’s annual Open Season. Find out more by browsing the Creative Learning section of our website.

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