Trio – Livestream - New Wolsey Theatre

Trio – Livestream

Performed from Fri 14 — Sat 15 Oct

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The artwork for 'Trio' by Paul Sirett, Peter Rowe and Ben Goddard. The image shows three paint stripes, the left is orange, middle is blue and right is red. The stripes move away from us and then up as if going along the floor and then up a wall. Each colour blends into the headshot of one of the three actors in the show. From left to right they are Richard Costello, Gina Murray and Ian McLarnon. Below the headshots are a microphone, guitar and amp and a flight case reading 'a new intimate musical play.' A large grey banner at the bottom of the image reads 'Livestream.'

PLEASE NOTE: The tickets bookable on this page are for the livestream so you can watch from home.

A world premiere starring West End actor-musicians.

It started at a glittering party back in the 80s. Ian, the top record producer, Phil, the rising pop star, Becca, the breezy studio receptionist, and a glance across a crowded floor that sparked a blaze to last a lifetime.

Set in a buzzing London recording studio, the three look back on their entangled lives. With one piano, one guitar, three stools and a lifetime of love and passion, loyalty and betrayal, captured in an album which will be their legacy, the trio ask how could things have been different and where does it all end?

This is the latest from the critically acclaimed team behind 'Midsummer Songs,' 'Oxy and the Morons' and 'Mods and Rox.'

'Midsummer Songs'
'Rowe and Goddard have dished up a minor miracle' - Musical Theatre Review

'Oxy and the Morons'
'It’s a touching story, beautifully written by Paul Sirett…' – Ipswich Star

'Mods and Rox'
'A standing ovation rounded off a fantastic night of musical theatre.' – EADT

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