Touch Tour (Aladdin)

Showing from Thu 19 Dec — Wed 15 Jan
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Booking an Audio Described performance? Add a Pre-show Touch Tour!

Touch Tours for Aladdin are on Thu 19 Dec starting at 6:30pm, Sat 28 Dec starting at 1:30pm and Wed 15 Jan starting at 6:30pm.

Please meet at the Box Office. Please only book in as many places as are needed as numbers are limited for these events.

For many blind, partially sighted or visually impaired theatregoers, a touch tour is an essential part of the theatre experience. Having access to the stage and set before a performance is a way of firming up the descriptive information they may have already received and provides them with extra detail to allow them to engage with the production. Customers will explore the space, and may like to handle selected props, costumes and furniture.

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Thursday 19 Dec 2019

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Saturday 28 Dec 2019

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Saturday 11 Jan 2020 at 13.30

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Wednesday 15 Jan 2020

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