Top Secret – The Magic of Science - New Wolsey Theatre

Top Secret – The Magic of Science

Performed on Mon 23 Oct

Top Secret - The Magic of Science

Top Secret - The Magic of Science

Two scientists in white lab coats comedically pour a bright blue liquid into a beaker containing bright green liquid, it starting to spark as a result. A science lab is behind them and text on the image reads 'Top Secret: The Magic of Science, is it magic... or is it science..? A thrilling science packed magic show for all the family.' Yellow and black tape runs across the bottom of the image.

This is your opportunity to surround yourself with the mystery of magic, cleverly fused with wondrous and miraculous feats of science. Hold on to your seats as the venue is transformed into a real-life science laboratory and lots of unbelievable "how did they do that!" moments. Experience non-stop action-packed interactive magical science experiments that will capture the imagination, a fast-moving and colourful magical science show, packed with mystery, suspense, and heaps of mess!

Top Secret is fun and entertaining for the whole family to enjoy along with inspiring and educating every young budding magician and scientist.

Suitable for all ages.

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