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Tom Thumb

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Long ago when all the world was wood the most fearsome foe was the one that breathed fire...

The makers of Chicken Licken bring the story of Tom Thumb to life in an exciting adventure. This epic tale of the smallest hero in the world is told with superb puppetry, music and fantastic design.

For ages 4+

Reviews of Tom Thumb

What the press say

“The over-riding charm of this show are the objects themselves: the simplicity of Tom in his little red hat to the beauty of the fish or the dragon… there will be many small hands picking up pieces of wood and reimagining what they might be with a little inventiveness.”

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What the public say

“An absolutely amazing performance, beautifully told. The puppets were magical, the music was perfect for the performance”

“I thought it was really magical, beautiful music and use of natural materials and great storytelling. It was lovely the way the children got to be part of the show. I think my little boy will remember the show for a long time”

“We thought it was brilliant and imaginative – we’re off to the woods to find some characters”

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