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Through The Looking Glass

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Presented by The New Wolsey Youth Theatre

By Lewis Carroll.
Adapted by Rob Salmon.
Directed by Sian Thomas

Alice goes through the looking glass into another world whose eccentric inhabitants seem to be either chess-pieces or characters from nursery rhymes – that is, when they are not talking to flowers or insects. Obeying their own impossible rules of logic, they are full of criticism or good advice as Alice, a lowly Pawn, sets out on her quest to become a Queen of the Chess Board.

On her journey she meets Humpty Dumpty, Tweedledum and Tweedledee, she learns to keep running fast enough to stay in the same place, why there is never any jam today, and about the importance of believing six impossible things before breakfast.

No wonder she’s confused.

Our Studio Theatre seating is unreserved. All five rows in the theatre offers excellent views in the heart of the action so you choose your seats on arrival.

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What the public say

A wonderful cast of enormously talented young actors.. A real treat. May they go on to do wonderful things.

Claire Horsley

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