The Elephant Man

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Presented by The New Wolsey Young Company.

‘Tis true my form is something odd, but blaming me is blaming God; Could I create myself anew, I would not fail in pleasing you.’

Seen first as a freak in a sideshow on the streets of Whitechapel the ‘Elephant Man’ is John Merrick, the grotesquely deformed Victorian who was ‘rescued’ by Frederick Treves, an eminent physician, who in trying to help Merrick only succeeded in making him another type of sideshow – this time for the great and the good of Victorian Society.

Award winning visual theatre company Gecko will collaborate with the acclaimed New Wolsey Young Company to present Bernard Pomerance’s celebrated hit play.

‘If I could reach from pole to pole, or grasp the ocean with a span, I would be measured by the soul; the mind’s the standard of the man.’

Reviews of The Elephant Man

What the press say

A terrific production and a must see for anybody that loves well made theatre.

One Suffolk

What the public say

A wonderfully directed production, with a completely stunning performance from Dominic Crane as John Merrich, and near professional ones from Francesca Ottley, Francis Thurstun-Crees and Jack Tricker. Lorna Garside played so cleverly that morphism of personal and physical attraction.


Great interpretation of the Elephant Man from a talented cast. Intimate setting of the Studio made it more enjoyable. Well done! Look forward to seing more shows.

Allison & Meisje

A very talented cast with superb performances from the main characters and very much enjoyed this version of the story. This was the first time I had been to the studio and loved the intimacy of the venue.


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