The Three Little Pigs - New Wolsey Theatre

The Three Little Pigs

Performed on Tue 24 Oct

Artwork for 'The Three Little Pigs' showing three pig puppets sitting in a big red armchair in a field. A standing lamp is beside the chair and has the shadow of a wolf watching them cast on the white lampshade.

There’s a wolf coming… But for now the 3 Little Pigs have tricked him onto a bus. If he catches them he’ll huff and he’ll puff and we all know how that ends…

On the run and with the need to build a strong shelter, our 3 Problem-Solving Pigs call on you to save their bacon.

Be blown away by the world of Stuff and Nonsense in this joyful retelling of a classic tale, told in their unique physical style alongside raucous puppets to create high-octane family theatre that will make you howl.

Aimed at ages 3+

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