The Snow Queen

21 Apr 2021

The image shows the artwork for 'The Snow Queen,' but this time with a more spring and summery theme - the background, while still under faint snow and shattering shards of ice, is a lush green with flowers and a light blue sky and large yellow sun. The mirror now reads the dates '27th May to 13th June 2021' and shows a photograph of Dame Sigrid Smorgasbord with her arms outstretched towards the audience at the bottom. The pink banner in front of the mirror reads 'We're back' and a matching pink circle in the top right reads ‘Now with added spring!’ Four boxes on the left show the show has audio description, captioning, British Sign Language and relaxed versions available and in the bottom left of the image is the information that the show is live in the auditorium and on livestream. To book, simply call 01473 295900 or browse our website at

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