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Performed from Thu 17 — Thu 24 Dec

'The Snow Queen' trailer (audio described version is video 2)

'The Snow Queen' trailer - audio described

'The Snow Queen' rehearsal trailer

Captions available.

The image shows the artwork for 'The Snow Queen.' A large mirror is the central point of the image, a gold frame filled with the silhouettes of musical instruments and snowy scenes form the background behind the mirror. The mirror is shattering, shards of ice and glass scattering over the image, and in the middle of one broken point in the mirror is the silhouette of a couple. The image reads '17th - 24th December,' 'Book online now,' 'The Snow Queen: Re-imagined,' 'Limited seats available: 01473 295900 or watch at home:' and shows the logos of the New Wolsey and Ipswich Building Society, the sponsors of the show. Small icons on the left show that the show has audio description, captioning, British Sign Language and a relaxed experience version available. Along the bottom of the image, in large pink text, is the word 'Livestream,' indicating that this is the event to select if you are after livestreaming/online tickets.

Every single performance of The Snow Queen that is happening on the New Wolsey Stage from the 17th - 24th December is being live streamed into your homes.

That means the show start time seen below and on your ticket when you have booked is the time that the show start Live at your house. So make sure you are logged in and ready in good time so you don't miss the start of the show.

For this event you only need to book one ticket per screen.

All’s well in the peaceful little town of Ballbroken; Gerda is about to be crowned the Queen of May, the blacksmith’s apprentice Simon Clinkerbin hopes to graduate and get his very own hammer, and Dame Sigrid Smorgasbord has prepared a magnificent May Day feast. What’s more, it looks like something’s blossoming between Sigrid’s young son Kay, and Gerda, the blacksmith’s daughter. To top it all Primrose, Spirit of the Spring, smashes the Snow Queen’s cursed mirror, to destroy its dark powers and banish her forever. Little does she know this will only make matters worse!

Soon Kay is spirited away in the Snow Queen’s magic sleigh and held captive in her glittering Ice Palace. It’s up to brave young Gerda and poor Dame Sigrid to trek to the Frozen North to rescue him. Can they make it before Kay is turned to ice forever? Will love come out on top? And just how will Simon earn his very first hammer?

This year Peter Rowe’s Rock ‘n’ Roll panto is reimagined, bringing a brand-new adventure and all your favourite actor-musicians right into your living room! Featuring iconic songs like Let’s Get Loud, If I Had a Hammer, I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles), I Can See Clearly Now and Love on Top, 'The Snow Queen' will be a sumptuous spread of music, mischief and mayhem for all the family.

The link to watch 'The Snow Queen' will be in your confirmation email.

Performances of 'The Snow Queen,' both online and live, will have captioning and audio description available. Our British Sign Language (BSL) interpreted show takes place on Weds 23 Dec at 7pm, accessible both from home and in the auditorium. Please note that this is the only show for which we are sadly unable to offer the captioning service.

We’re also developing a plan for a Relaxed Experience of the show, which will be available to watch from home. If you are interested in making use of this service, please let us know by emailing

Reviews of The Snow Queen – Online

What the public say

What a super show. Fantastic achievement with all the restrictions we have. Huge thank you and praise to all those that clearly worked so hard to make it work. Merry Christmas to you all XX

Dean Willingham

Very good show in very difficult circumstances. We really enjoyed watching from home. A lot of hard work has obviously gone into this production. Congratulations to you all Trevor and Janet Simpson Colchester

Janet Simpson

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