The R Word

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The R Word

Ending Racism in the 21st Century

Why are some people so uncomfortable with the “R word”?

For one night only a space will be created for the young and general public to talk some truths.

Featuring live performance, music and video mixed with conversation and testimony, this night will be an opportunity to shed some light on Racism.

Have you ever been overlooked at work, school or uni because of your colour? Are you tired of answering questions about where you’re from? Are you sick of feeling guilty and excluded from conversations about Race? Got an idea for kicking racism out of the big institutions once and for all?

Join us at this special event to End Racism this Generation.

Artists, young people, journalists, educators, writers, politicians, members of the criminal justice system and many more will investigate “the R word” and inspire actions. Local people will sit alongside experts to discuss how we can move from feelings to action and end racism this generation.

A platform event By The Red Room in partnership with End Racism this Generation

Follow the conversation online #TheRWord

For more End Racism Campaign info and to make your pledge
check out the website, #EndRacism

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