The Power of Theatre & Story – Workshop - New Wolsey Theatre

The Power of Theatre & Story – Workshop

Performed on Sat 14 Oct

With Pecho Mama’s Artistic Director, Mella Faye

In this workshop Mella will share her process of making work and then invite participants to explore their own ideas for the stage or screen.
Together, we’ll take the bones of an idea and begin building a narrative and physicality.
However big or small our ideas are (socially, politically, intergalactically!), they are always rooted in our own life experience.
This workshop encourages us to trust our innate creative voice and take courage in our unique perspective.
Mella is a warm and engaging facilitator and this will be a safe and playful session.
The workshop will be equally relevant to those who are brand new to theatre making, as it will be to professionals who are wrestling their current project into existence.

This is workshop is designed for ages 16 and above.
Taking place in NW2, just next to the main theatre.

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