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The Hogwallops

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The Hogwallops are a family who constantly bicker, scheme and play practical jokes! They live in a chaotic crazy home that is more like an adventure playground where the ordinary always becomes extraordinary.

Every day activities are extreme, with simple tasks such as bedtime and teeth brushing needing a bungee and high level jet-spray. Dressing is a game of flying aerial wardrobe antics, and meal times are a nerve-wracking display of juggling food and crockery. With lots of laughs and acrobatic stunts that will leave the whole family entertained.

For all the family!

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Unfortunately we could not stay after the show to give our opinion. I would have been interested to hear what other people thought. The advertising blurb did not accurately describe the show I saw with my 5 and 7 yeat old grandchildren. The background commentary was not appropriate and some of the dialogue and content was unsuitable for young children. The story line was weak. The cast are talented acrobats but the show was not particularly enjoyable. An unusual choice for The New Wolsey where we usually enjoy everything!

Jill O'Malley

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