The Enormous Turnip

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Presented by Stuff and Nonsense Theatre Company

Living in their tiny shed squeezed in amongst the garden tools, Mr and Mrs Chickweed’s amazing prize-winning vegetables have taken over everything! Before they retire, they can’t resist planting one last seed, try for one more champion vegetable and one more trophy!

But no one knew that a vegetable could grow bigger than the cat, bigger than the dog, bigger than you and me put together! It’s gigantic, it’s blocking out the light, it’s roots are under the house and it’s taking over!

Help save the day as we all pull together to get this enormous turnip out of the ground before it takes over the planet!

Following sell-out performances last year, Stuff and Nonsense Theatre Company come to the New Wolsey Theatre with their unswerving energy, live music and eccentric puppetry in this re-potted version of the world-famous children’s story.

For seedlings aged 3-10 and all the family. Meet the characters and puppets after the show.

Reviews of The Enormous Turnip

What the public say

Absolutely fantastic, really talented actors, full of songs, and special moments, our daughters two and six both adored it as did we, thank you.

Rosie Ulanowski

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