The Bar At The Edge Of Time - New Wolsey Theatre

The Bar At The Edge Of Time

Performed from Thu 15 — Sat 17 Feb

Frozen Light

Three men are sitting on stools with a bar behind them. The man on the left has a guitar, the man on the right is holding drum sticks and the man in the middle is holding a microphone. The text at the top of the screen says, Frozen Light Presents, The Bar At The Edge Of Time, where gig theatre meets sensory spectacle, for audience with profound and multiple learning disabilities.

Presented by Frozen Light

A multi-sensory spectacular for adult and young adult audiences (16+) with profound and multiple learning disabilities and their companions.

The glasses are polished, the lights are low, and time will be hopping.

The Bar at the Edge of Time waits only for you, so what are you waiting for?

Leave the hours, minutes, and seconds behind, step across the threshold and meet the bar's maestro mixologists, crooners, and hosts. But a mystery lies at the heart of this place, a mystery hidden even from them. One that can only be solved when we spend our time together.

Every person attending the show will receive a digital link and a physical copy of Frozen Light's visual story - a document with photos explaining what will happen during the show.

Each performance has capacity for
6 people with PMLD (16+), and their companions.
Assisting companion tickets are free, with a maximum of 2 companions per audience member.

Call 01473 295900 to make your booking or email Ellis on

Reviews of The Bar At The Edge Of Time

What the press say

“Frozen Light’s clever design and energetic, likeable performances combine to create a delightful show for audiences with PMLD” ★★★★ The Stage

on 2065, Frozen Light's last production

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