The Ballad Of Rudy

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A Jazz Odyssey for your little ones this Christmas!
‘Hey Reindeer, you got Groove’

In this story Rudy doesn’t have a red nose; rather it’s his talent for exciting new music that sets him apart from all the other Reindeer. Together with a magical Jazz Penguin he goes on an adventure that teaches him that life isn’t about following the herd.

Funny, warm and with a big heart, this show features live music, original songs and lots of imagination that is guaranteed to have children mesmerised from start to finish.

Sing the blues with a Polar Bear, jam with the Puffins and beat- box with an Arctic Fox. It all happens at the North Pole Jazz Lounge. It’s gonna be coooool.

Goblin are an acclaimed theatre company who make shows for young people and families.

Please note this performance takes place at the New Wolsey Studio on St Georges Street.

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Loved this so much watched it with our school, and thought what a perfect opportunity to introduce my own children to the theatre. My 18 month old was memorised and 4 year old laughing and dancing along to the fantastic music. Fabulous performance and a perfect family experience for the 4 of us. Lucky me I saw it twice!

Emma Berry

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