The 39 Steps

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Adapted by Patrick Barlow
From an original concept by Simon Corble & Nobby Dimon
Directed and Designed by Rob Salmon

Take one Hitchcock masterpiece and combine with a sensational spy novel, add a dash of Monty Python, and the wit of Patrick Barlow and you have The 39 Steps, a fast-paced whodunit for anyone who loves the magic of theatre!

Did we mention the non-stop laughs, 150 characters, on stage plane crash, hi-speed chases, missing fingers, and good old fashion romance?
What more could you want!

Don’t miss your chance to see the acclaimed New Wolsey Young Company perform this multi-award winning modern comedy blockbuster in the perfect setting of the New Wolsey Studio.

Reviews of The 39 Steps

What the press say

"The kind of comical tonic we all need from time to time"


"A wonderfully polished comic gem."

East Anglian Daily Times

What the public say

Just had to praise all concerned in the 39 steps, I loved it, all the actors and technician performed brilliantly and were so funny. Having seen the films I was intrigued to see how it was going to work on stage but it was inspired very well done.

Linda Twitchen

Ridiculously funny, would see it at every performance if I could, a good clean really laughable performance by all the amazing cast. Tells the story of the 39 steps as it could never be told trying g to keep a straight face, great sound operator as well. Great venue, will have to see if it gets onto the main stage and go and see it again.


Stonkingly good show. Don't miss this one! Great acting from the Young Theatre Group, as always. Thiroughly enjoyable version of The 39 Steps. Highly recommended.

Susan Andrews

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