Ten Out Of Ten

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Presented by TOOT

An Ovalhouse Commisson

Ten Out of Ten is a comic peek into our absurd world of triumphs and disasters. Three experts put our successes and failures under the microscope using electric guitars, the raising of hands and chalking on walls. It’s all here: brownie badges and driving tests; failing Grade One Flute and that first date; climbing Mount Kilimanjaro…

Join the team for an evening of achieving that will feed your eyes, ears and sense of ambition.

Reviews of Ten Out Of Ten

What the public say

I think you'd either love or hate this. I loved it, and smiled most of the time. Made you think of lifes passage. My husband felt awkward and didn't like the audience participation. Teenage daughter moaned but still came out smiling, although said she was being tortured into going to cultural events with parents.

Christine Atfield

An extraordinary evening's entertainment: at times hilarious, at times almost painfully poignant. Still processing ... Thank you!

Fran and Mike Davies

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