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Srishti Pathways

Showing on Tue 17 Sep
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Srishti Pathways

Pathways is a programme of Bharatanatyam dance which enables a new generation of British-South Asian dancers to find their feet and showcase their talent through this classical Indian dance style from southern India, through exquisite movements, powerful rhythm and striking ensemble work. Characterised by strong lines, geometry and symmetry, as well as highly expressive mime, Bharatanatyam is probably the most popular and versatile classical Indian dance styles worldwide.

Three works are by award-winning choreographer and Srishti’s Artistic Director Nina Rajarani MBE, and one by inimitable guest choreographer Mavin Khoo. Versatile music composer and Karnatik vocalist Y Yadavan has created the music score for the performance.

The creation and original tour of SRISHTI Pathways was funded by Arts Council England and supported by Harrow Arts Centre, Harrow Council and Creative Academy, Slough.

Presented by SRISHTI – Nina Rajarani Dance Creations

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Running time: 1 hours 40 minutes

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Tuesday 17 Sep 2024

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