Splashtest Dummies - New Wolsey Theatre

Splashtest Dummies

Performed from Wed 25 — Thu 26 Oct

Dummies Corp

Three men in red and yellow swimming costumes stand in a blue rubber ring, multi-coloured woggles squeezed in with them. They wear flippers on their feet and are grinning up to the camera, their arms outstretched. The background is blue and white stripes with bubbles over the top and a title above the men reads 'Splashtest Dummies.'

Rub-a-dub-dub, The Dummies are here with some splish-splashing circus set to drown you in tears of laughter.

The Splash Test Dummies are off on an exciting adventure of oceanic proportions! With a brilliant array of catch-your-breath stunt work, dazzling acrobatics, dexterous juggling and side-splitting, slapstick comedy, the Dummies are ready to roll out their beach towels and spring into an exciting hour of circus-filled hilarity for the whole family.

Dummies Corp features world-class circus artists who “surprise and delight” (Edinburgh Festival for Kids). They are the Australian leaders in narrative driven circus comedy, recognised globally for creations of quality that are intelligent, theatrical and inventive.
They have shared this epic adventure with audiences from the UK, Europe, New Zealand and Australia. This “hour of pure thrilling entertainment” (Sunday Mail Edinburgh) has wowed the critics and won coveted awards at the world’s largest arts festivals, Adelaide Fringe and Edinburgh Fringe. “Their circus, juggling and stunt work is sharp; their timing impeccable; and their core strength, frankly enviable!” (The Age).

“This show has everything and is just plain joyous” (The List UK). Grab your flippers and snorkel and join the Dummies diving from bathtubs to beaches on this wild aquatic ride!

Reviews of Splashtest Dummies

What the press say

'A high-energy extravaganza that combines acrobatics, juggling, and even a bit of water ballet. You'll witness death-defying stunts involving rubber ducks, synchronized swimming on land, and a grand finale that will leave you soaking with laughter. It's a show where you can expect the unexpected and embrace the absurd!'

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