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Speed Dial

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Comedy-thriller following a university Professor on a gripping adventure to save his missing daughter. It's Singin' in the Rain meets Hitchcock.

Amongst the spires, spikes and sideburns of a 1970s university, a lonely Professor awaits a call. When he's chased by the ringing of every passing phone, an ominous voice sets a series of mysterious puzzles that stand between him and his missing daughter. Dodgy deans, grumbling groundskeepers and swotty students are suspects as the Professor capers across campus to uncover whodunnit and why.

Set to the sounds of 70s vinyl, multi award-winning theatre company Spies Like Us bring their explosively physical comedy-thriller about connection, forgiveness... and cryptic crosswords. It's Singin' in the Rain meets Hitchcock.

"A fan favorite of the fringe" - ★★★★ (What's On Stage)

"Inventive and precise physical comedy" - ★★★★ (Scotsman)

★★★★★ (The Upcoming)
★★★★★ (Theatre Weekly)
★★★★★ (North West End)
★★★★★ (Mervyn Stutter's Pick of the Fringe)

"Singin’ in the Rain meets Hitchcock” ★★★★ (Reviews Hub)

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Cast & Creatives

Hamish Lloyd Barnes — Willis & The Groundskeeper

Hamish Lloyd Barnes' headshot. Credit Yellowbellyphoto.

Tullio Campanale — The Dean

Tullio Campanale's headshot. Credit Nicholas Dawkes.

Ned Cooper — The Professor

Ned Cooper's headshot. Credit Olivia Spencer Photography

Evangeline Dickson — Terry

Evangeline Dickson's headshot. Credit Yellowbellyphoto

Gabriella Margulies — The Editor

Gabriella Margulies' headshot. Credit Yellowbellyphoto.

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