Sky in the Pie - New Wolsey Theatre

Sky in the Pie

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Presented by Hinged Theatre

Weaving audience participation with exciting storytelling and adventure, Hinged Theatre has created a fantastic new show that keeps a young audience spellbound…

‘There’s Some Sky in This Pie’

Forced out of her home; where will the mysterious pie maker Dorothy Butterworth and Whiskey her crafty cat go? In desperation they choose an extraordinary mode of transport and collect mismatched companions on the way. How will this unusual group overcome their disagreements, face the hazards of their journey and defeat their adversaries?

Hinged Theatre’s trademark is participatory physical theatre. The use of puppetry, changes in scale, physical theatre and circus enable Hinged Theatre to tell this fantastical tale.

Ages 3+

Reviews of Sky in the Pie

What the press say

“This is truly a show that is actually Fun for all the Family’”

Tobacco Factory Theatre Critic

What the public say

"Sky in the Pie is a charming blend of physical theatre, movement and puppetry, and held the audience spellbound throughout!"

Helen Dorritt, freelance arts project manager

‘‘A perfect show. My boys laughed all the way through, wanted to make a flying pie at home and spent all week looking for their imaginary cat, Whiskey”

Audience Feedback (mum of 2 busy boys)

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