Romeo & Juliet – Masterclass - New Wolsey Theatre

Romeo & Juliet – Masterclass

Performed from Wed 7 — Thu 8 Feb

The artwork for 'Romeo & Juliet.' Against a yellow background that is lit up by three hanging lights are the silhouettes of two people. They are standing close together romantically, with their foreheads just touching together. White and blue text (the blue text being neon) below reads 'The New Wolsey Theatre presents Romeo & Juliet - masterclasses.' In the top left corner is the white version of the New Wolsey Theatre's logo.

Romeo & Juliet Masterclasses
Presented by the New Wolsey Theatre

Join the New Wolsey Theatre’s Artistic Director Douglas Rintoul and the cast, as he unpacks the creative journey that took Shakespeare’s ‘Romeo & Juliet’ from the page to the stage; exploring key moments in the play and revealing how choices were made in relation to the characters, themes, and the language of the text. Suitable for secondary school students about to study, or are already studying, GCSE Drama and English Literature.

Teacher feedback from Secondary Schools for ‘DNA’ Masterclasses and production Feb 2023:

“Really informative and positive. Our students really enjoyed the Q&A and they gained a real insight into the production. It was great to have many voices from various aspects of the production …. We've never been to the New Wolsey Theatre before, but we would certainly return. Loved it.

“Just want to say thank you! I've been to many student theatre events and yours was up there with the best of them. You made the students feel involved and valued. Can't ask for more than that.”

“The participatory elements were the key strength. The focus on the way in which directorial and design choices had been made was really valuable.”

“I felt this was great value for money and a very useful experience for our students.”

90 Mins Approx

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