Punk Alley

Showing on Sun 29 May
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'Punk Alley'

Punk Alley

Punk Alley is a loud, wild, and unapologetic joyride of live original punk music and high energy dance. But don’t leave your adults at home – this is a punk show for everyone.

Enter the world of the Lazurr Tuts, a world-famous, guitar wielding, foot stomping punk band made up of misfits and outcasts. They are in the business of making music and speaking out, and you have been invited into an exclusive rehearsal.

Dance, sing, shout, whisper, stomp, spin, sign and shake with the Lazurr Tuts on a journey of self-expression. No matter how loud or soft, the Lazurr Tuts want you to know, that what you have to say is important. Set your inner anarchist free and celebrate the joys of being you in a safe, caring environment in which everyone is equal.

Punk Alley is a show full of heart that asks big questions, creating a vibrant and fun space for young people to explore what they want to use their voice to fight for. The show is fully BSL interpreted and everyone is invited to participate in creating songs, writing placards, and playing music. It’s electric, live and anything could happen. We’re in this together. Let’s make some noise!


The performance is suitable for D/deaf audiences – it will be BSL interpreted and lyrics to songs will be visible on screens.

Suitable for ages 5+.

Access Notes & What to Expect

The show will be 45 minutes long. There is no interval, but as it’s a relaxed performance, you can get up, go to the loo, stim, make noise, whatever you need to do.

There will be BSL interpretation throughout the show.

If you would like a Touch Tour 1 hour before the show begins, please let us know and we can arrange it for you.

We are Lazurr Tuts - a punk band! So, in the show, we’ll be playing live music. There will be loud noises from guitars, drums, singing and speakers. There will be ear defenders available for anyone who needs them.

At times there will be bright lights, and sometimes the stage will go dark (but not completely). In the beginning of the show, we will show you how loud we go, and how bright and dark it will be. There will also be water-based haze on stage. Towards the end of the show, lots of paper will be printed quickly and scattered about on stage.

Everyone is invited to participate in creating songs, writing placards, and playing music. But you can participate, or not participate, in any way you choose. There is no pressure.

We’re so happy to have you here with us! We hope you enjoy the show.

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Running time: 1 hours

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Sunday 29 May 2022

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