#PULSE19 – joey

Performed on Fri 7 Jun

joey is a true story about growing up in 80s Britain.

A story about playgrounds and care-homes, DMs and red laces, punk and cassette tapes, about smashed up tellies and running away, about three kids called spaz, dumbo and psycho – a story of love and rage and surviving it all.

It's a story of a kid who, a day after Joey Deacon goes on Blue Peter, arrives to the playground and declares that from now on, they are to be called Joey. Then jumps over the wall and disappears forever.

Writer – sean burn
Cast – Scott Turnbull & Faye Alvi
Director – Selma Dimitrijevic
Sound Designer – Matthew Tuckey
Creative BSL Consultant – Brian Duffy
Assistant Director – Sarah Gonnet
Associate Producer – Chloe Stott
Stage Manager – Eva Collins

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