#PULSE19 – I Lost My Virginity To Chopin’s Nocturne In B-Flat Minor

Showing on Sun 2 Jun
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‘A delightful slice of relationship hell’ – Christopher Brett Bailey

‘I’m not going to gamble the happiness I have with you for a chance at happiness with someone else – what’s the point?’

Ollie and Laura have been together for three years, and are one pack of reduced M and S olives away from killing each other. Tonight, however, Ollie is planning on proposing. The evening kicks off with a vicious confrontation between the pair, and with an engagement ring hidden in an en route takeaway, Ollie has the task of navigating through their deep-rooted issues, and – crucially - stopping Laura from walking out altogether. Just as they realise this could be their last night together, we jump back to their first encounter – a shambolic one-night stand.

Age Advisory - 14+
Contains Adult Themes

‘I Lost My Virginity to Chopin’s Nocturne in B-Flat Minor’ tackles the fear of loneliness, and dependency to the point of destruction.

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Running time: 1 hours

When can I see the only performance of #PULSE19 – I Lost My Virginity To Chopin’s Nocturne In B-Flat Minor?

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Sunday 02 Jun 2019

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